I got my start as a filmmaker, before I was a photographer. I worked as a film editor for an independent production company after I graduated from the College of William & Mary. Working in the independent film world, gave me a chance to develop a real eye for presenting life as it unfolds. But everything changed in 2009 when I volunteered to photograph the wedding of a friend. I haven’t wanted to stop taking photos ever since... 

I find that a lot of people approach photo sessions with a nervous fear - at every photo shoot, my goal is for my clients to feel comfortable enough to show their true selves. That's how we take the very best photographs. I want all of my clients to love and enjoy having their picture taken by me, so expect a lot of laughter!

Other things you might want to know about me? I met the love of my life in College and we just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary in December 2016! In November 2014, our family expanded as we welcomed our son, Ethan, into our lives. Two years later, our trio became a quartet when we had our second son, Sam,  

I grew up in Virginia Beach and will take any excuse to be on the beach or near the water! My favorite season is Summer because it's Wedding Season, Beach Season and because I, like Sally from When Harry Met Sally, get cold when it's 70 degrees outside. I drink coffee and listen to the Otis Redding Pandora station when I edit photos, because it's impossible to feel uninspired or unhappy when you're listening to Otis Redding and drinking delicious coffee.