Sakura season 2016 is almost here!

I have been waiting to see cherry blossoms since I first arrived in Japan. Sakura flavored drinks and snacks have been in stores for weeks! After a long, but apparently mild, winter, Japan and I are READY for Spring and Spring flowers. The predictions said that the sakura would bloom in the prefecture where we live on March 26th. However, the 26th came and went with very few blooms. The week has been cold and although a few blooms have popped out here and there - as a good friend put it - "all of Japan is waiting with baited breath for the trees to bloom." 


What a difference a few days can make!


I have my first portrait sessions in Japan scheduled for this upcoming weekend and I am so relieved to be seeing so many sakura! Who knew it would be so stressful waiting for these pretty, delicate little flowers?!


What do you think, were they worth the wait? I think so!