#Gratitude30 - Week 4+

Day 22 - Home

On Friday, I baked a Tardis cake for my best friend's birthday party. It may be a stretch to consider the Tardis a "home," but I thought it was kind of clever.

Day 23- Friendship

On Saturday, my best friend and I dressed up as River and Rose from Doctor Who for her themed party. My wig was very shiny!

Day 24 - Comfort

Hot coffee and warm oatmeal casserole on a cold, cold morning. Is there anything more comforting?

Day 25 - Family

Anyone who knows my husband and I knows that we consider our pets to be family. I am so lucky to have had many photo shoots this Fall (and more scheduled!) with families that brought EVERY member of their family. I am ALWAYS up for a portrait session that includes the family pet(s).

Day 26 - Routine

This is my routine, hahahaha. 

Day 27 - Creativity

We went out into the snow to get some creative photos. 

Day 28 - Sky

The sky while it was snowing. 

Day 29 - Movement

This is the truck that gets me where I need to go. Her name is Florence. My husband and I affectionately call her "Flo" or "Flo Rida." 

Day 30 - Self

That's me!

Gratitude 30 - Week 4+
Gratitude 30 - Week 4+