#Gratitude30 - Week 2

Day 8 - Memories

Remembering the time when the 6 original Swem Media Center employees first discovered the software Photo Booth on the iMac. Hundreds of photos were taken, hours were wasted, and a good time was had by all!

Day 9 - Music

On the 9th, I spent all day photographing a Bar Mitzvah for one of my favorite 13-year-old's. This is Harrison's little sister, Jocelyn, being lifted on a chair during the Hora. 

Day 10- Words

For our 4th wedding anniversary, I painted these words on canvas for my husband, a big Star Wars fan. 

Day 11 - Indulgence

Cheese Shop sandwich ... 'nuf said :) 

Day 12 - Nature

Have I mentioned that I don't like the cold? Oh, I have? I'll move on then ... It was very cold on the 12th, so I ran outside at sunset and snapped this photo. I sort of feel like I wimped out on this prompt, but in fairness to me, sunset is one of my favorite things that nature has to offer. 

Day 13 - Rest

Why is it that animals are so much better at relaxing than humans? This is Simba, my husband's grandparents' cat, showing us how it's done.

Day 14 - Taste

The bread fell (too much moisture, huh, live and learn!) ... fortunately, it still tastes the same!

Gratitude 30 - Week 2