I haven't been very successful at taking photos of our travels through Japan this past year. There are many reasons for that, primarily traveling light and traveling with kids. Cell phones can capture the memory, but those snapshots never quite measure up. With two kids, we won't be traveling light anymore. And now that my oldest is talking and can better understand that he isn't allowed to grab mama's camera, I'm looking forward to taking my camera along on more of our family adventures across Japan (and the Pacific!). 

Over President's Day Weekend, we took a quick trip took Hakone and visited the Open Air Museum. It was supposed to snow that morning and, instead, the sun came out for a beautiful late Winter day. 

Carl Milles, "Man and Pegasus"

Carl Milles, "Man and Pegasus"

Carl Milles is my new sculptor obsession. I have to go to Sweden to see more of his work. 

Design: Peter Jon Pearce, "Curved Space - Diamond Structure"

Design: Peter Jon Pearce, "Curved Space - Diamond Structure"

Japan is incredibly kid-friendly and I love how the Open Air Museum had spaces where children can truly interact with the art. Children can climb up the Diamond Structure to the very top. Our boys are still too young for this structure, but we'll be making a trip back here when they are older for sure!

Yuki Shintani, "Alba"

Yuki Shintani, "Alba"

Alba, Alba, Alba. Oh Alba, with the penetrating stare. 

And then there was Picasso. A little Picasso is good for the soul. Photography is not permitted inside the exhibit. 

Carl Milles, "The Hand of God"

Carl Milles, "The Hand of God"

I stumbled on "The Hand of God" without realizing  that we were close to it and I was stunned. We came to the Open Air Museum specifically to see this work and it did not disappoint!

There have been a few works of art that, upon seeing them in person, truly touched my heart: The School of Athens by Raphael in the Vatican, the Oath of the Horatii by Jacques-Louis David in the Louvre, and the Hall of Prisoners by Michelangelo at the Accademia Gallery. I would add Milles' The Hand of God to that list. 

I could have photographed this statue all day as the sun shifted and touched it in different ways. Words do not do justice to the beauty of this piece. 

After marveling at The Hand of God, I forgot to write down the names of the other sculptors/designers as we travelled through the rest of the museum. 

Visitors are allowed to sit or stand on this Egg, so long as you took your shoes off!

Me, before I've had coffee in the morning, haha! 

Me, before I've had coffee in the morning, haha! 

This statue is hilarious and wonderful! Some of our other favorite pieces:

I could have easily spent the whole day in the Open Air Museum, but nap time calls ... 

A family portrait to conclude our delightful morning! 

Thank YOU for a lovely 2015!

In 2015, I was blessed to document the wedding of several incredible couples. My first wedding season as a mom and my last wedding season in Virginia for a while: it was lovely and more than I could have dreamed! 

I want to take a moment before the year ends to express my deep gratitude and affection for these brides and grooms. Thank you for helping to make 2015 so beautiful! As you celebrate the first New Year as a married couple, I wish you all the best in 2016! 

2015 B&G Collage.jpg

Happy New Year from Erica Westmoreland Photography!

As cliché as it sounds, it really is hard to believe that another year has come and gone! 2014 was filled with so many gorgeous weddings and many more wonderful portrait sessions – I’ve been a very busy bee! My clients have come to feel like a large extended family, and I feel so lucky to have met each and every wonderful person that’s come in front of my camera since I started my business back in 2009. Wishing you all a wonderful 2015!


For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.
And surely you'll buy your pint cup,
and surely I'll buy mine,
And we'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

#Gratitude30 - Week 4+

Day 22 - Home

On Friday, I baked a Tardis cake for my best friend's birthday party. It may be a stretch to consider the Tardis a "home," but I thought it was kind of clever.

Day 23- Friendship

On Saturday, my best friend and I dressed up as River and Rose from Doctor Who for her themed party. My wig was very shiny!

Day 24 - Comfort

Hot coffee and warm oatmeal casserole on a cold, cold morning. Is there anything more comforting?

Day 25 - Family

Anyone who knows my husband and I knows that we consider our pets to be family. I am so lucky to have had many photo shoots this Fall (and more scheduled!) with families that brought EVERY member of their family. I am ALWAYS up for a portrait session that includes the family pet(s).

Day 26 - Routine

This is my routine, hahahaha. 

Day 27 - Creativity

We went out into the snow to get some creative photos. 

Day 28 - Sky

The sky while it was snowing. 

Day 29 - Movement

This is the truck that gets me where I need to go. Her name is Florence. My husband and I affectionately call her "Flo" or "Flo Rida." 

Day 30 - Self

That's me!

Gratitude 30 - Week 4+
Gratitude 30 - Week 4+

#Gratitude30 - Week 3

Day 15 - Beauty I was editing this beautiful session on Day 15. 

Day 16 - Weather

Hoping that our recent snow flurries were a fluke and that this upward trend in temperatures is a sign of a mild winter ahead.

Day 17- Technology & Day 18 - Change

I thought it would be fun to juxtapose these two photos. Both of these cameras make me swoon. I love my old Polaroid camera, but I think I love my new camera even more. I don't normally like change, but when change comes in the form of a new camera, I'm OK with it, hahahaha ... 

Day 19 - Knowledge

My husband and I waited and wanted to watch the Minotaur 1 rocket launch, but because of noise pollution (and maybe our apartment building got in the way) we couldn't see it. Oh, well, there were some amazing images to be seen on NASA's website and 

Day 20 - Scent

I burn spruce/wintergreen scented candles almost constantly this time of year. It is my absolute favorite scent! Ironically, I am allergic to fir trees.

Day 21 - Kindness

I love seeing portraits I've taken appear as my clients' Facebook profile photos! Have I mentioned how grateful I am to have the best clients in the world? This couple and their baby girl were so kind and fun to photograph. Thank YOU to all of my sweet clients who share and help promote my work!

Gratitude 30 - 15



#Gratitude30 - Week 2

Day 8 - Memories

Remembering the time when the 6 original Swem Media Center employees first discovered the software Photo Booth on the iMac. Hundreds of photos were taken, hours were wasted, and a good time was had by all!

Day 9 - Music

On the 9th, I spent all day photographing a Bar Mitzvah for one of my favorite 13-year-old's. This is Harrison's little sister, Jocelyn, being lifted on a chair during the Hora. 

Day 10- Words

For our 4th wedding anniversary, I painted these words on canvas for my husband, a big Star Wars fan. 

Day 11 - Indulgence

Cheese Shop sandwich ... 'nuf said :) 

Day 12 - Nature

Have I mentioned that I don't like the cold? Oh, I have? I'll move on then ... It was very cold on the 12th, so I ran outside at sunset and snapped this photo. I sort of feel like I wimped out on this prompt, but in fairness to me, sunset is one of my favorite things that nature has to offer. 

Day 13 - Rest

Why is it that animals are so much better at relaxing than humans? This is Simba, my husband's grandparents' cat, showing us how it's done.

Day 14 - Taste

The bread fell (too much moisture, huh, live and learn!) ... fortunately, it still tastes the same!

Gratitude 30 - Week 2

#Gratitude30 - Week 1

Day 1 - Favorite Food

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Day 2 - Smile

My handsome husband's

Day 3 - Tradition

I love all of my clients, but it does my Tribe Pride good when I get the chance to work with fellow W&M students/alumni. Lorin is a W&M Law Student. She and her fiance, Daniel, were so much fun to photograph! We had to contend with the W&M Homecoming Parade to get to their session.

Day 4 - Art

One of my grandfather's drawings hangs above my desk. He was an architect, a painter, and an incredible grandfather. I like to think his beautiful work inspires me while I edit photographs, but really, I would be humbled to be considered a fraction of the artist that he was.

Day 5 - Clothing

Scarves! It's getting cold outside!

Day 6 - Inspiration

Just a few of the books on my bookshelf.

Day 7 - Touch

My friend, Sarah, petting on her sweet puppy, Oliver.

Gratitude 30 - Week 1


I found out in the middle of Week 1 of the 30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge that they publish a new challenge EVERY YEAR. So I started the month photographing the wrong things. Well, not really. I'm still grateful for pumpkin ice cream and my husband's smile ... but here is the 2013 photo challenge:

2013 Gratitude 30