Big Sister Sophie

And here's another exciting announcement: Sophie is going to be a big sister! Another sweet girl is joining our "framily" in Japan! 

 We found a few remaining cherry blossoms for this celebratory session!

We found a few remaining cherry blossoms for this celebratory session!


Raven & Conrad Proposal

I’ve gotten to photograph a few secret announcements in the past couple of weeks, but this was even a surprise to the sweet gal being photographed! A homecoming AND a proposal, does it get any better than that?!? Congratulations to Raven and Conrad! 

 She said YES!

She said YES!


Jessi & Jenn {seniors}

Jenn is the best babysitter that my boys have ever had - they are going to miss her so much (and so will I)! But I am so thrilled that I was able to take her and her sister's senior portraits before they leave Japan! 

Ridley Seniors-54.jpg
Ridley Seniors-49.jpg
Ridley Seniors-87.jpg
Ridley Seniors-77.jpg
Ridley Seniors-78.jpg
Ridley Seniors-3.jpg
Ridley Seniors-6.jpg
Ridley Seniors-12.jpg
Ridley Seniors-14.jpg

Fontenot {sayonara}

The toughest part of military life are the goodbyes. Now that we have several PCS seasons under our belt, we know that there are very few goodbyes and mostly see-you-later's. I am sorry to say See You Later to this dear family, but look forward to our paths crossing again. 


Fusero {family}

These boys had so much energy and I just adored their sweet mama! She asked for mostly candids of the boys playing and her boys and I were happy to oblige! #boymom


Homecoming {military}

This homecoming was a little bittersweet for us as one of these families will be leaving Japan in just a few weeks. That being said, as with all of the homecomings that I photograph, the day was overflowing with joy. I always feel so privileged to be a part of these homecomings. 

Blind Homecoming - 12.jpg
McKissick Homecoming - 27.jpg
Blind Homecoming - 25.jpg
 Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!

Davis {family}

Sometimes you meet a family and just instantly adore them. That was the case with the Davis family. This fierce mama and her two kids are a beautiful example of a strong family. I told Jewel that as a fellow mama of two, I hope my kids grow up as well as hers did!


Homecoming {military}

I am such a reluctant blogger. I have so many photos to share on this blog, but I struggle to find the words to talk about them! Never is this more true than with military homecomings. These photos speak for themselves.  



I am so honored to have been asked to work with these families. 

Homecoming {military}

This was my first time photographing a homecoming in Japan and I am still thanking my lucky stars! This family has instantly become dear friends and I couldn’t be more thrilled that their husband and father are home!

Fausz Homecoming-35.jpg
Fausz Homecoming-42.jpg

This happy little guys hadn’t seen his dad since we was just a few weeks old! Welcome Home!



A heartfelt "Thank You" to all of my Sakura clients this year! The blossoms took their sweet time to bloom this Spring and the weekends were rainy, but I am thrilled that no sessions had to be cancelled and the portraits are lovely! This season would not have run so smoothly without the patience of these fantastic families. For most of you, this is your last Sakura season in Japan; thank you for allowing me to capture and be a part of these final memories of your time here. 



I haven't been very successful at taking photos of our travels through Japan this past year. There are many reasons for that, primarily traveling light and traveling with kids. Cell phones can capture the memory, but those snapshots never quite measure up. With two kids, we won't be traveling light anymore. And now that my oldest is talking and can better understand that he isn't allowed to grab mama's camera, I'm looking forward to taking my camera along on more of our family adventures across Japan (and the Pacific!). 

Over President's Day Weekend, we took a quick trip took Hakone and visited the Open Air Museum. It was supposed to snow that morning and, instead, the sun came out for a beautiful late Winter day. 

 Carl Milles, "Man and Pegasus"

Carl Milles, "Man and Pegasus"

Carl Milles is my new sculptor obsession. I have to go to Sweden to see more of his work. 

 Design: Peter Jon Pearce, "Curved Space - Diamond Structure"

Design: Peter Jon Pearce, "Curved Space - Diamond Structure"

Japan is incredibly kid-friendly and I love how the Open Air Museum had spaces where children can truly interact with the art. Children can climb up the Diamond Structure to the very top. Our boys are still too young for this structure, but we'll be making a trip back here when they are older for sure!

 Yuki Shintani, "Alba"

Yuki Shintani, "Alba"

Alba, Alba, Alba. Oh Alba, with the penetrating stare. 

And then there was Picasso. A little Picasso is good for the soul. Photography is not permitted inside the exhibit. 

 Carl Milles, "The Hand of God"

Carl Milles, "The Hand of God"

I stumbled on "The Hand of God" without realizing  that we were close to it and I was stunned. We came to the Open Air Museum specifically to see this work and it did not disappoint!

There have been a few works of art that, upon seeing them in person, truly touched my heart: The School of Athens by Raphael in the Vatican, the Oath of the Horatii by Jacques-Louis David in the Louvre, and the Hall of Prisoners by Michelangelo at the Accademia Gallery. I would add Milles' The Hand of God to that list. 

I could have photographed this statue all day as the sun shifted and touched it in different ways. Words do not do justice to the beauty of this piece. 

After marveling at The Hand of God, I forgot to write down the names of the other sculptors/designers as we travelled through the rest of the museum. 

Visitors are allowed to sit or stand on this Egg, so long as you took your shoes off!

 Me, before I've had coffee in the morning, haha! 

Me, before I've had coffee in the morning, haha! 

This statue is hilarious and wonderful! Some of our other favorite pieces:

I could have easily spent the whole day in the Open Air Museum, but nap time calls ... 

A family portrait to conclude our delightful morning! 

Ginza Street {family}

In the Fall, I went with one of my favorite families to Ginza Street. This is easily one of my new favorite portrait spots! All of the look and feel of Japan without having to travel into Tokyo.  

And how precious is this family?

Christenson Family 2016-12.jpg

Sakura Season 2017

I have some very dear friends who love Winter. I know many, many more people who like Winter. Me and Winter? I can't even...

I love my home in Virginia. I love our life in Japan. But I could happily live in a place without seasons (tropical island, anyone?).

My sons are little and I know this time of their lives is fleeting. I want to cherish every day of their baby years. But really, just wake me up when it's Spring. Can we just skip over all the cold, windy, dreary days of Winter?

Cold and flu season? OVER IT! 

To make a long story short (too late), I hate Winter, which is why my heart soared last week when I saw the forecast for Sakura Season. The end is in sight, everyone! And the cherry blossoms are supposed to bloom EARLY! It's like finding out the groundhog didn't see his shadow. Winter is almost over!!!  

I am beyond excited for this year's Sakura mini sessions. 


Who else is over Winter, ready for Spring, and can't wait to see the cherry blossom trees in bloom? Reserve your session soon to secure your spot.