Hiroshima {travel}

It's taken me a while to post my photos from our trip to Hiroshima over Spring Break. I assumed that at some point I would find the right words to describe my feelings about our time there. The right words have not come to me, but I was struck by how much I wanted to share these photos. We long knew that we wanted to visit Hiroshima prefecture before we left Japan, but we didn't anticipate it to be the favorite place we've visited in Japan. My husband and I were both profoundly humbled by the sites we saw. Being in Hiroshima during cherry blossom season made the experience even more moving and beautiful. 

 It was difficult to capture both flags flying in the photo, but just beyond the Atomic Bomb Hypocenter the American and Japanese flags fly side-by-side, a symbol of our shared commitment to peace. 

It was difficult to capture both flags flying in the photo, but just beyond the Atomic Bomb Hypocenter the American and Japanese flags fly side-by-side, a symbol of our shared commitment to peace. 

I don't think I will ever forget the experience of watching my eldest ring the Bell of Peace across the water from the Atomic Bomb Dome. My husband and I were so mindful of our boys' behavior going into this trip, but we were happily surprised by how engaged they were even in the museums. Some of the comments that my son made on this trip were so insightful that he brought me to tears. I know he can't possibly understand the ramifications of his surroundings, but I am profoundly moved by the wisdom of children to grasp what adults struggle to say. 


Reagan {Senior Prom}

I can't believe that this sweet girl who has been our neighbor for almost 3 years GRADUATES high school tomorrow! A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Reagan's prom. 


Congratulations, Reagan and all of the Zama American High School Class of 2018!

Big Sister Sophie

And here's another exciting announcement: Sophie is going to be a big sister! Another sweet girl is joining our "framily" in Japan! 

 We found a few remaining cherry blossoms for this celebratory session!

We found a few remaining cherry blossoms for this celebratory session!


Raven & Conrad Proposal

I’ve gotten to photograph a few secret announcements in the past couple of weeks, but this was even a surprise to the sweet gal being photographed! A homecoming AND a proposal, does it get any better than that?!? Congratulations to Raven and Conrad! 

 She said YES!

She said YES!


Jessi & Jenn {seniors}

Jenn is the best babysitter that my boys have ever had - they are going to miss her so much (and so will I)! But I am so thrilled that I was able to take her and her sister's senior portraits before they leave Japan! 

Ridley Seniors-54.jpg
Ridley Seniors-49.jpg
Ridley Seniors-87.jpg
Ridley Seniors-77.jpg
Ridley Seniors-78.jpg
Ridley Seniors-3.jpg
Ridley Seniors-6.jpg
Ridley Seniors-12.jpg
Ridley Seniors-14.jpg

Fontenot {sayonara}

The toughest part of military life are the goodbyes. Now that we have several PCS seasons under our belt, we know that there are very few goodbyes and mostly see-you-later's. I am sorry to say See You Later to this dear family, but look forward to our paths crossing again. 


Fusero {family}

These boys had so much energy and I just adored their sweet mama! She asked for mostly candids of the boys playing and her boys and I were happy to oblige! #boymom


Homecoming {military}

This homecoming was a little bittersweet for us as one of these families will be leaving Japan in just a few weeks. That being said, as with all of the homecomings that I photograph, the day was overflowing with joy. I always feel so privileged to be a part of these homecomings. 

Blind Homecoming - 12.jpg
McKissick Homecoming - 27.jpg
Blind Homecoming - 25.jpg
 Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!

Davis {family}

Sometimes you meet a family and just instantly adore them. That was the case with the Davis family. This fierce mama and her two kids are a beautiful example of a strong family. I told Jewel that as a fellow mama of two, I hope my kids grow up as well as hers did!


Homecoming {military}

I am such a reluctant blogger. I have so many photos to share on this blog, but I struggle to find the words to talk about them! Never is this more true than with military homecomings. These photos speak for themselves.  



I am so honored to have been asked to work with these families. 

Homecoming {military}

This was my first time photographing a homecoming in Japan and I am still thanking my lucky stars! This family has instantly become dear friends and I couldn’t be more thrilled that their husband and father are home!

Fausz Homecoming-35.jpg
Fausz Homecoming-42.jpg

This happy little guys hadn’t seen his dad since we was just a few weeks old! Welcome Home!



A heartfelt "Thank You" to all of my Sakura clients this year! The blossoms took their sweet time to bloom this Spring and the weekends were rainy, but I am thrilled that no sessions had to be cancelled and the portraits are lovely! This season would not have run so smoothly without the patience of these fantastic families. For most of you, this is your last Sakura season in Japan; thank you for allowing me to capture and be a part of these final memories of your time here.