What to Wear for Your Family Portrait Session

For creating a cohesive look to your family portraits, my biggest tip is to start by choosing a color family and then add some variety by picking different patterns and fabrics within that color family. If you're feeling stumped, first choose an outfit for the most difficult or particular person to dress in your family (say, a plaid shirt for dad or a dress you'd love for your daughter to wear) then select the rest of the family’s clothing from the colors within that first outfit.

Personally, my favorite color palette for photos is a selection of gray, navy, light blues, cream and pink paired with brown leather. Try to stay away from anything too heavy in the red/orange family because they don't always register as well on camera.

Layering clothing is a fun way to add dimension and texture. Layering also works well to achieve multiple outfits in one session. You can add or remove pieces without requiring a full clothing change! 

Pregnant mommas, my one tip for you is no black shirts. Black is slimming and we want to accentuate your belly for your maternity session. 

If you have any questions about preparing for your portrait session, let me know! Don't hesitate to contact me or even send me pictures of your clothing ideas.

No matter what, always wear something that makes you feel good!


Parents: Tips & Tricks for a successful portrait session

It is perfectly okay to bring bribes to your session! Please bring props, including your kids’ favorite toys, and a snack. Some cereal, Smarties or other candy that won’t stain teeth can help a short photo shoot go by smoothly.

You’re welcome to change outfits as many times as you would like within our time frame, but keep in mind that this extends the length of a session and may frustrate some children. 

Parents, please try to smile for the entire duration of the “posed" family photos. It might be tricky to get a smile out of your child at times, so I need you to be ready and waiting for that split second your child flashes his or her fabulous smile.

The good news is I am NOT stressed out by your child’s disagreement, sass, tantrum or crying. I will be ready to capture each smile that comes our way!